OMG!  I can’t believe I’m finally doing this!  OK…*deep breath*  I’m sure whenever anyone reads this they don’t want to read about my doubt-filled and panicked freakout.

Some basics….I’ve always been a reader.  I’ve always had a book/Kindle/Kindle app with me.  While I’ve always read a variety of books, in the last few years I’ve been reading more romance novels.  (I have a theory on why and I plan to do a blog post about it at some time.)  Since I’ve been reading more I’ve started following more of the romance book community (thanks to Facebook and Instagram for that).  I’ve “met” several authors and followed some other reader groups.   I’ve become a HUGE fan of a few authors in particular and started posting reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.  I also received some positive feedback on things I’ve posted in the groups I’m in.  So I decided to throw my hat in this blog/review/reader group ring.

If you read this I hope you hop over to Facebook and join the group there.  I plan to post reviews and some random rants here on the blog.  I’m planning on using the Facebook group for some fun interactions with everyone.  I have LOTS planned so I hope you come join me for this new adventure!

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