Bountiful by Sarina Bowen



Bountiful is book 4 of the True North Series but can be read as a standalone…WAIT…TRUST ME!  I’m always skeptical that if I jump in mid-series that I’ll miss something and won’t get some of the references (this is due to experience).  This book truly can be read as a standalone.    Zara lives in the Vermont countryside and runs her uncle’s bar.  Dave is in the area for a summer vacation.  What was just supposed to be a summer fling ends up being much more, both with their connection and a surprise pregnancy.  They both never thought they’d see each other again, until he walks into her coffee shop two years later.

The story takes us through the journey of what’s next.  Both Zara and Dave had a difficult childhood that left them both wary of love, relationships and family.  They both must decide what they want and where they are going and how to raise an adorable little girl.

Zara is a strong, feisty, prickly woman.  I love her!  She lives her life and speaks her mind.  She won’t even let her family railroad her.  Life hasn’t been easy but she takes what’s she’s been dealt and rolls with it.   Dave is a typical alpha male/hockey player (meaning all the good qualities), but has a heart of gold and a big soft spot for all the women in his life.  This couple is perfect for each other and their story is perfect.

I love this book and I definitely love this series.  Sarina Bowen is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors.  Her books are real and believable.  They are emotional, raw, and funny. I’ve been searching the thesaurus on a word to describe her work.  The best word I can find so far is meaty (yet it still doesn’t fully express my love for this book.)  You get a full story.  It’s not rushed.  You finish the book wanting to read more about the characters, but you aren’t left with questions and big holes in the story.

Definitely check out this book and this series!

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