New Release and Review: Landslide by Kathryn Nolan



Title: Landslide
Release Date: Friday, May 11th
Genre: Contemporary Romance


There ought to be a law that Gabe Shaw – hippie lumberjack, Viking with a man bun – should never be allowed to hold tiny infants against his broad, muscular chest.

Celebrity makeup artist Josie Torres has three rules when it comes to men: No spending the night. No second dates. No falling in love. Her rules protect her still-healing heart and leave Josie free to chase her true love: the electric nights of Los Angeles.
But when she arrives in funky, bohemian Big Sur for a photo shoot, those rules are no match for the small town’s sexy bar owner.
Gabe Shaw has a good life in Big Sur. Surrounded by family and friends, he’s the third-generation-owner of The Bar, the only place where quirky locals can escape the tourists and drink in peace. He’s in love with his hometown and its verdant beauty, but he still yearns for one thing: his soul mate.
After one night of searing passion, Josie intends to run… like she always does. But a storm as strong as their attraction unleashes on Big Sur, leaving her trapped.
Gabe has the funniest feeling he’s found what he was missing. But it’s only been a week – and the last person that made Josie feel this much destroyed her world.
She can’t—she won’t—make the sacrifices Gabe is asking her to make.


This book was so sexy and captivating. I don’t mean sexy as in just the sexy times (which are hot!), but the writing itself. There’s an attraction, an allure, in the writing. You are pulled into the story and almost feel surrounded by it. It’s one of those books you want to hurry up because you want to know what happens, and you want it to slow down because you want to savor every part of it. It’s a book that needs to not just be read, but felt. When you are finished with this book you not only feel like the characters are a part of you, but you feel like Big Sur is a part of you. I’ve definitely put Big Sur on my list of places to see because of this book.

This book is a standalone. However, you did meet most of the characters in Bohemian. If you haven’t read Bohemian, after this book you will want to immediately go and download it. It’s a story of how our past shapes our present. It’s also a story of how to not let that same past shape your future. It’s about connection and compromise. It’s about learning and finding yourself and what you truly want. Then being and accepting that true self. I could give you characteristics about Gabe and Josie and tell you parts of their story, but I don’t think I could do them any justice. Kathryn Nolan has crafted a beautiful story that needs to be experienced through her words. You absolutely need to read this book and this author. In simple terms, this book and this author are amazing! Everyone, especially in this genre, needs to read a Kathryn Nolan book!


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