New Release and Review: The Fine Art of Faking It by Lucy Score


Title:  The Fine Art of Faking It

Author:  Lucy Score

Series:  Blue Moon #6

Genre:  Romantic Comedy

Release Day:  July 13, 2018


A fifty-year feud.
One failed smoke bomb matchmaking scheme.
Two enemies turned fake lovers.

For the past fifteen years, Eden has worked her ass off to overcome high school. She’s cornered the tourism market in Blue Moon offering visitors a place to stay in her hippie, dippy hometown. Business is booming, she’s close—but not too close—to family, and she’s got two dogs to keep her company. Life is perfect. Almost.

She also has the misfortune of sharing a property line with the crush who broke her teenage heart.

Davis spends his days gently wrestling control of the family winery from his father’s semi-retired hands. He doesn’t have time for things like dating and love. Especially since he never got over hurting his dream girl in a fog of teenage stupidity. Now, they’re neighbors… and the latest generation to carry on their families’ ridiculous, fifty-year feud.

When the Beautification Committee resorts to an unprecedented—and disastrous—matchmaking scheme, enemies Eden and Davis have to team up to bring them down. But will their fake relationship get too real?

Author’s Comments on Trope:
Enemies to fake lovers to friends to lovers. Rom-com to the max with a prickly, grudge-holding, thirty-something heroine who is nobody’s doormat and the ultimate nice guy looking for a second chance. Boom.


I feel like I need to start this review with a disclaimer.  I’m a HUGE fan of the Blue Moon series and of Lucy Score.  The Blue Moon series is one of my top 5 all-time favorite series.  So obviously I was VERY excited to see another book in this series.  If you’ve read any of this series before, we get to visit some old favorite characters and meet some new ones.  If this is your first visit to Blue Moon, don’t worry.  You will not feel lost.  But I do need to warn you that once you visit Blue Moon you will want to stay!

This is the first breakout of the Pierce/Merrill family in Blue Moon.  This book feels a little different to me (not in a bad way), but it is still very much a Blue Moon book!  This time we get to know Eden and Davis.  Eden owns the local Inn and Davis runs the local winery, both just outside of town and next door to each other. There is a feud between their families that goes back generations.  This feud has affected not only Eden and Davis individually, but decisions they made and the paths they took.  Despite the feud the Beautification Committee has their own ideas and agenda.  Now, if you are new to Blue Moon and have no idea what the Beautification Committee is, there is no way for me to briefly explain.  Just read the books and trust me that it’s a group of well-intentioned people that you both want in your community and glad that they are not.  In typical Blue Moon fashion when you throw in a feud, the Beautification Committee, sparks (both literal and physical), a community event, an attempt at revenge, and many antics, you get a hilarious, fantastic, over-the-top rom-com.

I love this couple, both individually and as a couple.  They are both struggling to break free of pasts and expectations.  Eden is strong, smart, and stubborn.  Davis is sexy, kind, and swoony.  This book is so much wrapped into one explosive, rainbow-dyed bundle. It is hilarious, heart-warming, and steamy.   I don’t want to give anything away, because I want you to experience Blue Moon and this book yourself.  I cannot recommend this book and this series enough.  I cannot recommend ANY of Lucy Score’s books enough.  She is one of the few authors that hits it out of the park every single time.  If you love a well-written rom-com with heart-warming characters then this book needs to be your next read.


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