New Release and Review: Strictly Professional by Kathryn Nolan


Title: Strictly Professional
Author: Kathryn Nolan
Release Date: Friday, September 21st
Genre: Contemporary Romance


What have you accomplished with your business school mentor so far?

1. Developed a strategic marketing plan
2. Pined for him.
3. Denied my feelings for him.
4. Dragged him into an alley and had my way with him.

Roxy Quinn thought she’d never see Edward Cavendish III again. The wealthy, English hotelier had wandered into her tattoo parlor, slightly drunk and broken-hearted. Roxy judged him on the spot: too polite and reserved for her punk-rock tastes. But Edward was more than just a handsome stranger with a sexy accent.

He was a man desperate to unleash his secret desires. After a night of exquisite passion, Roxy sends Edward back into the night. She has no time to be tempted by his charming wit when her business is failing and she’s struggling with her MBA classes. Besides, they couldn’t be more wrong for each other.

After a lifetime trapped in his parents’ legacy, Edward remembers his night with the tattooed, scowling vixen as glorious freedom. But it’s not freedom he needs now. It’s to find the right wife so he can finally take charge of the hotel he loves. Roxy, with her ripped stockings and secret piercings, is not the kind of wife that would fulfill the terms of his trust fund.

Months after their memorable one-night stand, Edward and Roxy are paired up in a business school mentoring program where they must maintain a strictly professional relationship for the semester.

With the future of Roxy’s business and Edward’s inheritance at stake, can they do it? Or will they surrender to their desires, risking everything?


I really just want this review to say…GO READ THIS BOOK!!!  Go read EVERYTHING by Kathryn Nolan!  But since a review is supposed to be more informative, I’ll elaborate and try to not gush too much about this book.  First, all of Kathryn Nolan’s books are so well written that it’s a true joy to just read.  She has such a beautiful way with words and with a story.  Now let’s talk about storyline.  This book shows that not only can opposites attract but opposites can explode with passion and heat.  This book is so hot and so sexy, you’ll need some recovery time after parts of it.  Not only is the book sexy, it’s a beautiful story of love, acceptance, and going after what you want.  It’s also a story of families and family struggles.  The next thing that must be addressed and another thing that Kathryn does so well is characters and character development.  I LOVE Roxy and Edward.  I love them as individual characters and I love them together.  They are complicated and vulnerable, as well as strong and so very sexy.  You are rooting for both of them the entire book.  They are so well written they seem to almost leap from the pages and sit right next to you as you read.  I don’t want to give away any more details, because this is a book that you just need to experience.   Who am I kidding, ALL of Kathryn’s books need to just be experienced.   If you haven’t read any of Kathryn Nolan’s books, then you need to remedy that RIGHT NOW!  She is definitely in my top 5 go-to-always-one-click-will-read-anything-she-writes authors.  Do yourself a favor make this the very next book you read.  WAIT…I take that back…stop what you are reading right now and go read this book instead.  You will not regret it.

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