New Release and Review: Finally Mine by Lucy Score

Finally Mine available
Title: Finally Mine
Author: Lucy Score
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 26, 2018


Who is he if not a hero?

Aldo Moretta has always been the hero. The strongest, the fastest, the bravest. He fought for his country and built a thriving business in his hometown. With friends and family never more than a few blocks away, there was just one thing he was missing. The right girl.

She’d fallen for the wrong guy. The bad guy. But now that she’s finally free, Aldo isn’t going to miss his second chance. Not until his last deployment goes horribly wrong. He was prepared to give his life, but he wasn’t ready for an injury that takes a piece of him. How can he be her hero now?

Who is she if not a victim?

Gloria Parker walked away from a relationship that almost cost her her life. But the shame clings to her like a shadow. She’s wasted ten long years on the wrong man. When the right one returns home scarred and broken, she sees a kindred spirit. But as Gloria rebuilds her life, brick by brick, she wonders if she’s cut out for love. Real love.

Will they find a way to heal together or will their wounds keep them from the happiness they both crave?

Publisher’s Note: Finally Mine is the companion novel to Pretend You’re Mine, Harper and Luke’s story. It can be read as a standalone.


There are some book that touch you in such a way that it’s difficult to describe. Especially if you are trying to write a review for it. This was just such a book for me. It’s one of those books that will stay with you. It took me a few days to process it before I attempted this review.

Some of the basics…this is a complete standalone. However, if you read Pretend Your Mine, you know and love this couple already. The story-line runs parallel with the story-line in Pretend Your Mine, so some scenes overlap but from a different perspective. If you haven’t read Pretend Your Mine, I promise you will not feel like you are missing anything, but I have a feeling you’ll run and read it once you are done with this one. I guess at the heart of this book I would call it a second chance book. Not just a second chance romance book but a second chance at life book. This book has so much in it. It’s got some military, small town, humor, tragedy, emotions, and more. This book is about fear, rebirth, acceptance, and finding your own strength. It’s about discovering who you are when faced with tragedy, and loving that person. It’s about friendship and letting people love you.

If you’ve read Lucy Score before, you know she writes about these amazing kick-ass female characters that just jump off the page with strength, sass and intelligence that any woman would admire. Gloria is very different. She is unsure, timid and riddled with self-doubt. She’s one of those women that is easily overlooked. The most beautiful part of this book is seeing her blossom with a quite strength and learning to truly become herself. I think that her strength, one that is hard earned, is more admirable than most of the female characters I read from any author or genre. I connected with Gloria on many levels. Her journey gives me hope and is awe-inspiring.
As amazing as Gloria is, Aldo is just as wonderful. He is in my top 10 favorite book boyfriends of all time. Aldo has so much going for him, but my favorite part of him is how much he believes in Gloria. No matter what, his belief in her never waivers.

This book has ALL the feels and I think it is Lucy’s best book yet. Make this book the next one on your TBR list. Wait…no. Stop what you are reading and read this book now. Once you are done reading this book then tell all your friends about it. Or better yet…just give them a copy. The world needs more love, hope, and acceptance like in this book.


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Lucy Score is the author of the Wall Street Journal and #1 Amazon bestseller Pretend You’re Mine. She grew up in a literary family who insisted that the dinner table was for reading and earned a degree in journalism. She writes full-time from the Pennsylvania home she and Mr. Lucy share with their obnoxious cat, Cleo. When not spending hours crafting heartbreaker heroes and kick-ass heroines, Lucy can be found on the couch, in the kitchen, or at the gym. She hopes to someday write from a sailboat, or oceanfront condo, or tropical island with reliable Wi-Fi.


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