New Release and Review: Moonshine Kiss by Lucy Score with Claire Kingsley


Moonshine Kiss
By Lucy Score with Claire Kingsley
Release Date:  December 7, 2018


All those years of adolescent fantasies and this was how Bowie Bodine first touched my boobs. And he apologized. Real life was stupid and unfair.

Small town deputy Cassidy Tucker’s dating life is a train wreck on repeat. All she ever wanted was a solid partner. A man to share pajamas with. The handsome, big-hearted Bowie Bodine. Wait. Scratch that. Mr. You’re-Like-a-Sister-to-Me is not welcome in her fantasies.

She and Bowie aren’t going to happen—that’s been clear for a long time—and as for the rest of mankind? Cassidy’s officially giving up on love and adopting cats. Good thing the cold case disappearance of Callie Kendall is heating up to keep her distracted. Except the investigation is testing her friendship with all the Bodines—Bowie in particular.

Bowie knows he can’t have his little sister’s best friend. He made a promise and he’s determined to keep it. But putting distance between them isn’t easy—not when she lives right next door.

Having her poke around trying to prove his father’s guilt isn’t helping either. All Bowie has ever wanted is to shed the No-Good Bodine reputation. It’s looking like he’ll never be free of that shadow.

But one nocturnal animal, a feverish against-the-wall kiss, and absolutely zero pajamas has a way of changing everything.


With each book that comes out, this series is solidifying its place as one of my all-time favorite series. This time we get Bowie and Cassidy’s story. They have been in love with each other for most of their lives. If you’ve read the other books you already know there’s something going on…a tension between the two. Now we get to know all the details. And oh what details they are!

This book and this series is quirky, funny, sweet, and sexy. You will be laughing out loud one moment and emotional the next. Cassidy is smart, independent and strong, but does show her vulnerable side. Bowie is so swoon-worthy! They are both stubborn at times and you just want to shake them. These two are perfect for each other and I loved watching their story unfold.

Not only do we get the amazing story of these two, but we get to check in with all our favorite characters. This small town and this family are so charming and hilarious that you just want to be a part of them. I can’t wait to see whose story we get in the upcoming books. I can’t forget about the mystery of Callie Kendall. Just when you think you know what’s going to happen we get a curve ball or two in this book. I love that this sub plot is keeping us on our toes.

I cannot express how much I love this book and I love this series. If you love small town romance and/or rom-com then you definitely need to read this book and this series.


Also available with Kindle Unlimited



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