New Release and Review: Rock Bottom Girl by Lucy Score

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Title: Rock Bottom Girl
Author: Lucy Score
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 8, 2019


“You may be faking the relationship, but you’re not faking the orgasms.”

Downsized, broke, and dumped, 38-year-old Marley sneaks home to her childhood  bedroom in the town she couldn’t wait to escape twenty years ago. Not much has changed in Culpepper. The cool kids are still cool. Now they just own car dealerships and live in McMansions next door. Oh, and the whole town is still talking about that Homecoming she ruined her senior year.

Desperate for a new start, Marley accepts a temporary teaching position. Can the girl banned from all future Culpepper High Homecomings keep the losing-est girls soccer team in school history from killing each other and prevent carpal tunnel in a bunch of phone-clutching gym class students?

Maybe with the help of Jake Weston, high school bad boy turned sexy good guy. When the school rumor mill sends Marley to the principal’s office to sign an ethics contract, the tattooed track coach, dog dad, and teacher of the year becomes her new fake boyfriend and alibi—for a price. The Deal: He’ll teach her how to coach if she teaches him how to be in a relationship.

Who knew a fake boyfriend could deliver such real orgasms? But it’s all temporary. The guy. The job. The team. There’s too much history. Rock bottom can’t turn into a foundation for happily ever after. Can it?

Warning: Story also includes a meet-puke, a bouffanted nemesis, a yard swan and donkey basketball, a teenage-orchestrated makeover, and a fake relationship that gets a little too real between the sheets.


Let’s get the basics out of the way.  This is a complete standalone and is not connected to any of her other books.  Not only will you get many laughs in this rom-com, but there are hot sexy times, and beautiful emotional moments.

Don’t let the title fool you.  Marley has not hit rock bottom, but she has been dealt with several of life’s blows and has fallen down a few rungs.  While trying to regroup she goes home to figure out her next path.  She has a great support system in her parents and her BFF Vicky (all of whom are hilarious).  As soon as she’s at home her mom gets her a job at her old high school as the girls’ soccer coach and gym teacher.  So right off the bat you she has more going for her than most.

This book will take you back to your high school days.  There is a lot of high school drama, pranks, and emotions.  I think my favorite parts of this book were when Marley was with the girls of her soccer team.  There are many moving, sweet, and hilarious moments that involve those girls.   The journey of them becoming a team was a beautiful one.  I found myself cheering for all of those girls.  Don’t worry, it’s not all about the team.  There are many hot and sexy moments with Jake.  I loved how sweet and supportive he was of Marley.  There were some serious swooning happening when Jake was working with the kids.  There’s something about a confident male inspiring teens that has me head over heels.

As with all of this author’s books, you get hilarious antics, amazing and wonderful secondary characters, and steamy sexy times.  I’ve been reading this author since her very first book was published and is one of the top three authors that I always recommend.  I will always tell everyone to go read this author.  On a personal note, I had a hard time connecting with this book. I found myself invested more in the team and Jake’s story than I did Marley’s.  This book is solidly written and well crafted.  If you are looking for a sports, second-chance, rom-com with a heavy dose of high school memories then check out this book.

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Author Bio

Lucy Score is a Wall Street Journal and #1 Amazon bestselling author. She grew up in a literary family who insisted that the dinner table was for reading and earned a degree in journalism. She writes full-time from the Pennsylvania home she and Mr. Lucy share with their obnoxious cat, Cleo. When not spending hours crafting heartbreaker heroes and kick-ass heroines, Lucy can be found on the couch, in the kitchen, or at the gym. She hopes to someday write from a sailboat, or oceanfront condo, or tropical island with reliable Wi-Fi.

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