New Release and Review: Taming My Whiskey by Melissa Foster

Title: Taming My Whiskey
Series: The Whiskeys: 
Dark Knights at Peaceful Harbor #6

Author: Melissa Foster
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 23, 2019
Buckle up for a wild ride as Dixie Whiskey finds forever love in TAMING MY WHISKEY, a funny, sexy, and emotionally riveting standalone romance by New York Times bestselling author Melissa Foster. The perfect love story for those who enjoy fiercely loyal and insanely sexy alpha heroes, smart, sassy heroines, strong family bonds, bikers, babies, and more!
Being the princess of the Dark Knights motorcycle club doesn’t come with a white knight or a fairy-tale castle, and that’s okay, because Dixie Whiskey has never needed a man to slay her dragons or make her whole. Even so, after watching each of her brothers fall in love, she’d sure like a shot at her own happily ever after. But with the Dark Knights watching over her and the only man she’s ever wanted out of reach, she’s not holding her breath.
As the launch of Silver-Stone Cycles’ biggest line approaches, Jace Stone is left needing a favor from the one woman who holds the power to take him to his knees. He knows when it comes to sinfully gorgeous and sharp-tongued Dixie Whiskey, he must stay on his toes and keep his walls firmly in place. But Jace needs her for his business—and Jace Stone always gets what he wants.
When the tall, gruff, and darkly handsome biker presents an opportunity that any other woman might see as the chance of a lifetime, Dixie turns him down flat. But Jace is determined, and he pulls out all the stops—sending Dixie’s overprotective brothers up in arms. Rebellious Dixie takes a stand—going after the freedom, and the man, she’s always wanted. One scorching kiss leads to an undeniable connection, but Jace isn’t looking to be tied down, and Dixie refuses to play second fiddle. Can two untamable hearts find forever love in each other’s arms?


This is the sixth book in The Whiskeys series by this author.  It can be read as a complete standalone.  Each book in this series is about a different couple but with interconnected characters.  You do not need to read the other books to enjoy this one.  I’ll be honest, this is probably my favorite series of this author.  The characters, their issues and circumstances, seem more real.  I’ve also been looking forward to getting Dixie’s story from the very beginning.  She’s the only girl with three overly protective brothers and is surrounded by a whole bunch of other “brothers” and “uncles”.  Even in the other books it was always a struggle for her to date.  You knew the right one had to be someone special, and Jace Stone is definitely someone special.  He’s a big, tough, “not looking for commitment”, just having fun and focusing on my business, alpha male.  Even though he’s known Dixie for a while, the switch was finally flipped from “must stay away” to “must have”.  There are so many things to love about Jace.  He is sexy, sweet, protective, and caring.  The chemistry between the two is hot.

I have to be honest, Dixie missed the mark a little for me.  While she is sassy and strong in most areas, I think I expected more.  There’s a fine line between being vulnerable and being whiny, and she fell slightly on the whiny side for me.  Most may not see her this way, and my feelings may be because I had such high expectations for her in all areas.  The other thing that missed the mark for me is that the rest of this series is about people with real jobs, real lives, real circumstances, but in this one we are back to the multi-millionaire alpha.  I know that may be seem like a ridiculous thing to be picky about, but there are so many books out there where the money is the sign of success and is a focal point of the book.  The rest of the series is more about the people and I loved that change of pace.

In general, this was a good book.  It was a good addition to this series.  There are also hint of what I hope to be future books in this series.  If you like this author and this series then definitely check it out.

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She walked over to a table where three guys had just
finished their beers and grabbed their empty bottles. “Refills?”
“Yeah, thanks,” one of the guys said.
 She walked away with the human inferno that was Jace
Stone on her heels.
“Dixie, how can you be upset with me? I gave you a
twenty-thousand-dollar donation for the auction.”
She set the bottles on the bar and said, “Which I truly
appreciate, but giving of yourself and giving money are two different things.
One is easy and mindless. The other tells me who you are. It was a real
eye-opener.” She crossed her arms and said, “What did you need help with anyway?”
Diesel grabbed the empty bottles, and Dixie said, “Another
round, please.”
“I’m rolling out the Legacy line in the fall.”
“So I’ve heard. Bear’s pretty excited.” In addition to
working at Whiskey Automotive, Bear worked part-time designing and building custom
motorcycles for Jace’s company. He hadn’t worked on the Legacy line, but he
raved about it.
“We all are. This line is my baby. I’ve put blood, sweat,
and tears into it. It’s the first motorcycle line that will have bikes designed
specifically for women. Nobody’s doing that, Dix. This is a huge deal.”
Bear had told her all about Jace’s innovative, sleek designs
for women. It was a genius idea, and it didn’t surprise her that Jace had come
up with it. But she couldn’t help thinking about Jace researching the
contours of women’s bodies…
Diesel put three bottles on the bar, eyes locked on Jace. “Stone,”
he said evenly.
“Diesel.” Jace lifted his chin in the manly greeting Dixie
was accustomed to.
“Thanks, Diesel,” Dixie said, and as she headed to the table
with Jace beside her, she said, “Congratulations on the line, but what does it
have to do with needing me?” She set the bottles down, flashed a smile at the
customers, and said, “Can I get you boys anything else?”
One of them looked her up and down lasciviously. Jace
stepped closer, and the guy shifted his eyes away and said, “No. We’re good.”
Dixie spun on her heels, grabbed Jace’s arm, and dragged him
to the side of the room. She felt Diesel’s antennae springing and glanced at
the bar, mouthing, I’m fine! Turning her attention to Jace, she spoke in
a harsh whisper. “You just fucked up my tip, and I don’t appreciate it. So
whatever you have to say, say it and be gone, okay? I’ve got work to do.”
“That guy was looking at you like you were a piece of meat.”
“No shit. They all do.” Except now that she was thinking
about it, Jace never had. Not once. In fact, in all the years she’d known him,
this was the longest he’d ever looked at her. He didn’t live in Peaceful
Harbor, but he traveled there often to see his brother Jared, who had
signed up for the auction. Jared owned a restaurant in Pleasant Hill and lived
there for several months out of the year. “I have a lot to do, Jace, so if you
have more to say, please get on with it.”
“I’m launching a women’s clothing line called Leather and
Lace when we launch the Legacy line. We’re making a calendar to promote the
clothing and the new bikes. The photo shoot is next week, and the woman I hired
to model got hurt and can’t make it. I want you to replace her.”
She blinked several times, unable to believe what she was
hearing. An incredulous laugh tumbled out. “Do you even fucking know me,
Stone? I am not a pinup girl!” She took a step away and he grabbed her
arm, tugging her back to him and keeping her so close, she could see flecks of
gold in his sexy hazel eyes.
“This is important to me, Dixie. I don’t want someone who
fakes being a biker. I want an authentic woman. I want you.”
“Do I need to point out that I was your second
choice, or maybe your tenth. I don’t know or care, because any way you
cut it, the answer is no. I told you, I’m not a pinup girl.” She held
his steady gaze with an ice-cold one of her own and said, “For the record,
Whiskeys don’t play second fiddle to anyone. Sorry, Stone, but you’re out of
“Come on, Dixie,” he pleaded gruffly. “I’ll let you auction
me off.”
“Too little, too late. The ballot is full.” The lie
felt victorious. She yanked her arm free and said, “I have customers to help.
Good luck with the line. I’m sure, like everything you touch, it will turn to
“With you on board, it’ll be legendary.”
He leaned closer and lowered his voice to say, “This isn’t
over, kitten.”
“What the hell did you just say?” Anger simmered inside her.
She poked him in his rock-hard chest and said, “I’m nobody’s kitten, and
you’re this close to earning a knee to your groin.”
“You definitely know how to use those claws, and you’re so
sweet I bet you purr,” he said arrogantly. “You know you want to do it,
His eyes drilled into her, causing heat to sear through her
veins and her traitorous nipples to pebble into aching peaks. Damn, he played
“Careful, Stone. This kitten bites.”

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Releasing October 14, 2020
Author Bio
Melissa Foster is a New York Times & USA Today
bestselling and award-winning author. She writes sexy and heartwarming
contemporary romance and new adult romance with emotionally compelling
characters that stay with you long after you turn the last page. Melissa’s
emotional journeys are lovingly erotic and always family oriented–perfect beach
reads for contemporary romance lovers who enjoy reading about wealthy heroes
and smart, sassy heroines.
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