New Release and Review: Orientation by Kate Canterbary


by Kate Canterbary

Release Date: September 29, 2020


A sweet, steamy, swoony M/M love story where the serious one falls for the goofy one.

Max Murphy’s no-fail plan for kicking this year’s ass and getting his life back on track:

  1. Forget about the cheating ex. Forget all about him. No more sad sack moping. None of that downer vibe. None of it.
  2. Look for a new place to live in order to move out of my sister’s basement. Free digs are great but killing my sex life.
  3. Return the intramural softball league to glory and greatness. 
  4. Fall in fresh, lusty love with Jory Hayzer, the hot new science teacher the minute I see him and his sexy Superman hair.
  5. Get the hot science teacher on my trivia team. Couples who play together stay together.
  6. Spend an entire school year wooing the very hot but also very skittish science teacher. Fall in hard, crazy love with him in the process. 
  7. Freak out, screw it all up, and hope to hell there’s a way to make it right. 


This is a quick and fun novella that has so much heart and soul.  This book was originally part of a very limited edition charity anthology and now has more to the story. 

There is something so special about these two.  Max is a coach and PE teacher that’s all heart, and Jory is a nerdy, hot, science teacher that struggles with anxiety.  Like with all of Kate’s characters there is such an endearing quality about them.  They are so real that you just want to know them in real life.  I want to just hug them and their tender spots and cheer them on with everything they do.  Jory is something special, but I have to admit I’m crushing hard on Max.  I need a Max and his tender, loveable self in my life.  

If you are a Kate Canterbary fan, some previous characters will make guest appearances.  I really enjoyed this story, and hopefully we will get to see snippets of these characters in future books.  


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