Exciting Surprise!!! New Lucy Score book coming soon!

JUST ANNOUNCED!!!  Lucy Score has a new book coming out in TWO WEEKS!!!!  A new series written with Claire Kingsley will hit Amazon on APRIL 13!!!  Can you tell I’m excited?!?  Small town, rom-com, romantic suspense, Lucy Score, Claire Kingsley, 6 book series…what’s not to love?!?!?  I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to a Friday the 13th more.




“I’m afraid my vagina might wither up and die if you try to give it another orgasm so soon.” — Scarlett Bodine

Raised by her three overbearing brothers, Scarlett is a hell-raising tomboy with a tool belt who can drink any man under the table while two-stepping. She’s also nosy enough to claim her temporary next-door neighbor as her new pet project.

Devlin’s life imploded. Marriage, career, five-year plan to Washington, D.C. All destroyed with one well-placed right jab. The prodigal son is now the black sheep relegated to Bootleg Springs, a tiny town with two claims to fame: 1. Moonshine and 2. The fifteen-year-old cold case disappearance of teenager Callie XX.

Devlin just wants to lick his wounds. But Scarlett has other ideas for his tongue… and the rest of him. She’s determined to bring him back to life, even if getting him back on his feet means never seeing him again. But when an old mystery becomes new news, she’ll need his help to survive the scandal.

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